Microsoft Product Blog

Microsoft is a renowned US-based business that has gained its popularity because of their operating system Windows. The company has already been in the industry for more than 3 decades, delivering innovative software that are being used to make things life easier to users.

We have consolidated the top Microsoft products that are presently available in the market so that people may be able to assess which product will work best for their needs. Continue reading our Microsoft Product Blog review for a brief explanation of the latest stuff from the trusted company in the industry.

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft states that their Surface Pro 3 can actually replace the capabilities of a laptop because of its intrinsic specifications. The latest Surface comes with a stylus that makes writing easier. It also comes with the recent version of Windows – 8.1, which has eliminated all the bugs that were experienced on the Windows 8 version. Surely, with its improvements, the Surface Pro 3 is better than laptop and better than tablet. It bridges both gadgets efficiently, eliminating the cons and improving the pros.


OneNoteAvailable on both iOS and android users, OneNote is an efficient software that manages notes easier. You can even synch your files on different gadgets with the help of an internet connection. This has been known to be more comprehensive compared to similar software created by other developers. Why? That’s because you can sort all your files according to its categories, subcategories and sections, therefore, making you more organized in all possible angles.

Windows Phone 8.1

Finally, a “complete” Windows phone efficiently revamped as it is now equipped with sturdy software, timely notification and amazing keyboard. These were the issues that were missed by Microsoft on their previous phones. The highlight of the phone is the Cortana, a personal assistant similar to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. This outstanding update recognizes voices, sets reminders, and many more.

Kinect (Xbox One)

kinectKinect is incorporated on the gaming console Xbox One. It is known for its facial recognition and voice command features. With its vast improvements, playing your favorite game using your Xbox One is made easier and more enjoyable in several aspects that cannot really be taken aside. This improvement has made the Xbox One ensure its position on the pedestal.

These are just among the amazing Microsoft products that are available in the market. They are surely among the unsurpassable developers that have efficiently penetrated the technological updates these days. With the continuous innovations, Microsoft will undoubtedly create unsurpassable products that must never be missed by enthusiasts.

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