The benefits of a Microsoft Product Blog

In order to understand everything about a Microsoft Product Blog and Microsoft Product it would be wise to understand the importance of a blog.

The importance of a blog

There is no doubt that product blog is the source of very useful information that also gives the user many options to attract potential customers to his or her website. Blogs can be viewed very easily by people. The blog sites also allow the users to post their point of view on a particular product.

It is no secret that good blogs are able to bring together people in huge numbers who want to share their thoughts on the various services and products. You must also try to link your blogs to other similar blogs; after all blogging is all about building communities.

A Microsoft Product Blog is another powerful tool for communication that will let you dig out lucrative opportunities by getting you in touch with people who want to do business. Updating your blog on a regular basis is an effective way to get noticed by the various search engines.

Microsoft Product Blog

How can an individual earn money though a Microsoft Product Blog?

Firstly the whole idea of creating product blog is to promote it so in order words you are advertising. So what you can do is link your blog to some popular websites that sell that particular product.

Factors that should be considered before you create a Microsoft Product Blog

Focus on the audience that you target

There will obviously be certain people who use the product promoted by your blog, so it is important to gain visibility online and you can do that by employing the right keywords. Once you get a good ranking on the search engines you can expect to get a lot of traffic on your website.

Indulge in Affiliate programs

In addition to a conventional promotion you can also include an affiliate program that will help you promote similar products to the targets. For example if you are promoting mobile phones then you can also consider promoting mobile phone accessories.

Use ideas well

As a blogger you may sometimes run out of ideas but do not feel disheartened when that happens. You can simply go through the section where users have left their comments and that is where you can find fresh ideas and you can get started.

Creating products and services

When you are promoting services and products through your blogs it is always better to go for products that are popular as they will sell better. This is the fundamental aspect of a Microsoft Product Blog. People who use computers will always be on the lookout for latest software and their respective add-ons, people who love cooking will look for advanced cooking tools and software developers will look for new frameworks. You could always get the audience to participate in a survey that will allow you to get information about the needs of the customers.

Other aspects of a Microsoft Product Blog

The only disadvantage of a particular blog is that at anytime the blog can outgrow you, in a way this is good as you will be compelled to pick up new methods so that you can keep up with the changes. Do not be surprised if you notice a sudden rise in traffic.

All about Microsoft Product Blog

Microsoft Product Blog

To understand anything about a Microsoft Product Blog it would be wise to go over the advantages of Microsoft Product Blog.

A product blog is the perfect medium through which you can attract customers to your website. You must remember that blogs can be accessed very easily by the customers and they often use blogs to post their thoughts or experiences after using a particular product. This is really good for the bloggers as it helps them to do better research.

It is no secret that blogs can create a huge population of people who are actually interested in products or services that a company has to offer. You should also make it a point to link your blog with similar blogs. This will help you build a community of bloggers.

A Microsoft Product Blog is treated as a very valuable tool for communication that will assist you to dig out fresh opportunities by exposing you to an unchartered market. If you keep updating your blog regularly then your blog is noticed by the various search engines. A blog is a great way if inducing confidence within the people regarding your company. Including pictures in the blog is a great way of informing people about the kind of product that you are putting out in the market.

Earning the big bucks with a Microsoft Product Blog

A product blog is created with the purpose of supporting a product. There are a lot of factors that you should take into consideration before you get into it.

Find out your targeted audience

Your blog should be structured in such a way so as to attract people who use similar products as promoted by your blog. Using good SEO techniques will pay off in the long run.

Affiliate schemes

Affiliate programs are simply great where you go out and promote similar products to your audience through your blog. For example if your blog is promoting WordPress themes then you can also promote WordPress plugins through your blogs.

You can learn a lot

A blog is a place where people are tossing ideas around regularly and so if you wish to learn new things you can go through the comments left behind by the customers.

Producing products and services as per the customer tastes

When you are using a Microsoft Product Blog you should always pay attention to the tastes of the customers. The blog should be beneficial to the audience at all times. People who work with computer software will be on the lookout for ad ons and blogs that train them in the newer versions of the software. You should look at this from the view point of the customers. Conducting an online survey is the best way to learn about what the customers are really looking for.

Certain other factors that you should take into consideration about Microsoft Product Blog

Growth is something very hard to come by with a blog. Your blog could also become very obsolete in a way, so you have to keep updating the content so that you can keep up with the changing trends. You will notice that your traffic spikes a nit but you should not panic at all. At the end of the day you will always have total control over the full content of your blog at all times.

The advantages of Microsoft Product Blog

To understand the Significance of Microsoft product blogs online you should look at the advantages of a Microsoft Product Blog.

Firstly a product blog gives the users limitless possibilities by attracting potential customers to the various forums and conversations. Since these blogs are readily accessible to the customers to post their comments on a product, it gives the bloggers the plat form to build a certain rapport thus facilitating better market research.

Microsoft Product Blog

There is no doubt that these blogs are able to create a vast population comprising of people who are genuinely interested in the services or products that you have tooffer to them. You simply have to make sure that the blog is able to link other related blogs as blogging is about building a community.

A Microsoft Product Blog is nothing but a very valuable communication tool that allows you to fish out new opportunities by bringing you in contact with certain people you may have never come across.

A blog that is updated on a regular basis actually provides many links to that come within the radar of the popular search engines.

A product blog is another way of advertising where the media can be involved on news about the product that your company is involved with. A good blog will tell the people that your company is credible enough.

A product blog gives you the liberty to describe what you are selling by letting you put up pictures of the items that you are selling.

How can you make money with a Microsoft Product Blog?

Product blogging is nothing but creating a blog with the intention of supporting a particular product. However you have to consider certain factors before you get right into it.

Paying attention to the targeted Audience

All the users of the particular product that is featured in your blog are quite obviously your target audience. So be sure to use proper SEO techniques to get a decent ranking in the search engines.

Affiliate Promotion schemes

In addition to a standard affiliate program you can also promote other relevant products to your target audience. Let us assume that you promote a WordPress based theme so this will also mean that you can promote WordPress plugins to your audience as it is a relevant product.

The ideas are simply never ending

Sometimes bloggers suffer from a creative block however there are always certain issues that need to be solved. For this you can simply take a look at the comment section of you blog and see what needs to be solved and through this you can discover another great idea that you can include in your blog.

Developing services and products

You must always take into account what your audience wants to purchase, this is the main factor when you are dealing with a Microsoft Product Blog. For example people who use computer software will look for add-ons and training, developers will look for fresh frameworks, chefs will look for sophisticated tools. Just put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and try to look at things. Or simply conduct a survey with the audience to find out about their taste and preferences.

Some other factors about a Microsoft Product Blog

The main drawback of blogging is growth, however you should know that the blog could also outgrow you in a way. This way you will be forced to learn new methods in an effort to keep up. You should try not to panic if your traffic spikes. You must remember at all times that you have complete control over the entire content of the blog.

Significance of Microsoft product blogs online

Microsoft Product Blog

Microsoft product blog can now be accessed online from either systems or mobile phones. Microsoft products quite useful in nature and can help you to get more advanced technical support online. You need to check out the policies and regulations so that you can make effective usage of the same. Microsoft discoveries or inventions can be solely known from these online blogs.

How these blogs are being created?

Microsoft blogs are usually being created by the professional experts belonging to the concerned organization. They usually keep regular updates on Microsoft products and research on them so that the targeted customers can come to know about the same. These blogs are also getting updated on a regular basis by these experts and this is the reason you can get only fresh and unique news about Microsoft products or services.

Different experts suggest together so that the blogs can be properly created. Only experienced blog writers are being hired for the creation of concerned blogs so that targeted customers can gain greater interests. All the established blog rules and guidelines are being thoroughly and strictly maintained by these writers so that the entertaining news about Microsoft can be covered in a proper manner.

What are the purposes of blogs for Microsoft services?

  • Microsoft blog is mainly used for collecting necessary information about different kinds of Microsoft services and products. In this case, you need not require visiting the official site all the time rather you can get within the blogs so that you can choose the best Microsoft product or service of your own choice and requirement.
  • You can also check out the updates reviews and customer testimonials about each and every product or service of Microsoft. These online based feedbacks will definitely help you to make selection of the perfect one.
  • Different kinds of technical advancements or improvements of the Microsoft products can also be known from the same. Advanced technicalities are mainly required for getting sophisticated and easy-going services.
  • Updated or current news about Microsoft services can be known in details from these online blogs. This news can reveal the advantages and disadvantages of different services and that will be quite facilitating in choosing the right one.
  • Expert advice or suggestions are also being included along with varied demonstrations regarding the usage of newly launched Microsoft products. Updated versions are also found out there so that you can get more and more assistance.
  • Innovative features or characteristics of Microsoft products along with utilities are being thoroughly discussed and analyzed within these web based blogs.
  • You can also come to know about the availability of the newly launched Microsoft products so that you can easily avail the same.
  • Management decisions and discussions along with different declarations are also being revealed by means of these blogs and thus the customers need to keep regular track on the same so that no essential points about Microsoft misses out.
  • The product reviews are also being discussed and analyzed so that more and more improved features can be added to the existing products or services.

If you are a regular consumer of Microsoft products, then these blogs are of greater importance and you must keep constant watch on the same in order to get the frequent changes.

Microsoft Product Blog

Microsoft is a renowned US-based business that has gained its popularity because of their operating system Windows. The company has already been in the industry for more than 3 decades, delivering innovative software that are being used to make things life easier to users.

We have consolidated the top Microsoft products that are presently available in the market so that people may be able to assess which product will work best for their needs. Continue reading our Microsoft Product Blog review for a brief explanation of the latest stuff from the trusted company in the industry.

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft states that their Surface Pro 3 can actually replace the capabilities of a laptop because of its intrinsic specifications. The latest Surface comes with a stylus that makes writing easier. It also comes with the recent version of Windows – 8.1, which has eliminated all the bugs that were experienced on the Windows 8 version. Surely, with its improvements, the Surface Pro 3 is better than laptop and better than tablet. It bridges both gadgets efficiently, eliminating the cons and improving the pros.


OneNoteAvailable on both iOS and android users, OneNote is an efficient software that manages notes easier. You can even synch your files on different gadgets with the help of an internet connection. This has been known to be more comprehensive compared to similar software created by other developers. Why? That’s because you can sort all your files according to its categories, subcategories and sections, therefore, making you more organized in all possible angles.

Windows Phone 8.1

Finally, a “complete” Windows phone efficiently revamped as it is now equipped with sturdy software, timely notification and amazing keyboard. These were the issues that were missed by Microsoft on their previous phones. The highlight of the phone is the Cortana, a personal assistant similar to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. This outstanding update recognizes voices, sets reminders, and many more.

Kinect (Xbox One)

kinectKinect is incorporated on the gaming console Xbox One. It is known for its facial recognition and voice command features. With its vast improvements, playing your favorite game using your Xbox One is made easier and more enjoyable in several aspects that cannot really be taken aside. This improvement has made the Xbox One ensure its position on the pedestal.

These are just among the amazing Microsoft products that are available in the market. They are surely among the unsurpassable developers that have efficiently penetrated the technological updates these days. With the continuous innovations, Microsoft will undoubtedly create unsurpassable products that must never be missed by enthusiasts.

Now if you are looking for a dedicated server that has Microsoft certification, check out Server Mania. They are officially certified to access Microsoft products and software-suite, thus, ensuring that their users receive genuine licenses during the deployment procedure.

The benefits of using Microsoft Product Blog

Microsoft Product Blog

So if you are introducing a new product in the market then you should use a Microsoft Product Blog. You must write a blog immediately; as you probably know that blogs work very well when it comes to promoting a product. A blog will not only assist you in locating your market but will teach you how to interact with the market. Since Microsoft Office Mobile is Now Free you should take advantage of the entire thing.

Here are a couple of steps that you can follow to use Microsoft Product Blog

You can reach out to a wider audience

Once you start to get into blogging you can stop bothering about who you are writing for. Put together a complete list of the benefits that your product has.

Use proper keywords that will attract the audience

You have to make sure that your audience can locate your blogs so make a list of the keywords that will use. To get a clearer picture you must take suggestions from everyone too. Try not to depend on keyword tools that are found online, these tools will only show you the keywords that have been utilized previously. These tools cannot suggest the keywords that your customer will use tomorrow or in the present moment.

Assigning a name to the product

This is the most vital step as the name will become the identity of the product in the long run.

Setting up the blog

Microsoft is a very popular platform as it is very user friendly and you can use many plugins with it too.

The role of Microsoft Product Blog in affiliate marketing

You have the option of using Google or other search engines to locate affiliate products. you can type the keyword that you have in mind with the affiliate product and you will be given the best product that you can promote using your blog. You can also go through the website of your Competitors to get a glimpse of the product that they are promoting.

Find the target audience

Microsoft Office Mobile is Now Free so you can use it to the fullest to create wonderful blogs and put them on the internet. Now when you are promoting a blog you should choose the affiliate product very carefully for example if your blog deals with beauty care products then there is absolutely no point in promoting Forex on your blog. It is evident that you should stick to promoting beauty products on a blog that deals with beauty. Take care to promote only those products that are of high quality; if you try to promote products of substandard quality your blog will suffer.

The good part is that affiliate marketing can fetch you some commission if you suggest the customers to buy the affiliate product. If you decide to promote a product on your blog you should add the link or a banner of the product on your blog.

So by now you have understood that blogging is the best way for affiliate marketing. If you do own a business and you want to tap into a bigger market you can create a blog as that will help spread the word around. You also have the liberty to offer an affiliation program that will help you promote products a little better.

The Free Visual Studio – Community Edition

Microsoft, after launching their free Office Suite for Mobile is now also offering a free full version of their popular IDE, Visual Studio. Gone are the days of getting visual studio express and now, if you want a free solution, you can go ahead and download their free Visual Studio Community Edition, which basically removes any restrictions unlike the previous Visual Studio Express version.

Programming without visual studio can be a horror to programmers targeting Microsoft platform. Aside from its easy integration with the Windows OS, it also supports a wide array of programming languages, which is useful for anybody, from a beginner to the master coder. If you’re a solo programmer, the visual studio express edition is most likely in your suite, especially for programming learners. While it’s free, it has all the basic tools you’ll need to master a programming language of your taste, create simple programs and apps for your personal use, or even sell it over windows store.

However, with the release of the Visual Studio Community Edition, you can be sure that you have the full power of Visual Studio, everything without restrictions. You can even use it for a small web developer team. Well, if you’re an indie game developer, it means you get more tips out of your sleeve.

“We really want to open up access in a friction-free way to broader set of people,” said Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Developer Division chief Soma Somasegar. “The Community version will let you develop any and all kinds of apps — desktop, web, cloud, devices. Or you can build a .NET app running on Linux. And it’s free,” Somasegar added, which might give this SKU might greater appeal to the open-source community.

Visual Studio Community 2013 will allow anyone access to around 5,000 existing extensions to Visual Studio. It will also grant access to visual studio tools like peek, blend, graphical debugging and more tools, features that are unavailable to the previous free versions. However, this version of Visual Studio is only targeted for individuals and team of up to five people. Enterprise level application development isn’t included.

Microsoft is planning to phase out Visual Studio express, which are aimed towards hobbyists and beginner programmers. They will focus on improving their new free community edition version, which will be a great tool for the open source community. The Express edition will still remain online but as time goes, it will slowly get replaced by the Community Edition.

If you’re an aspiring solo developer, a freelancer or an open-source enthusiast, you might say that this is like a dream come true and it seems that Microsoft is slowly moving into the free software domain, but who knows? There are even rumors that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to existing Windows 8.1 users. I hope that’s true because I’ll be one of those who will benefit.

Okay now, enjoy coding!

Microsoft Office Mobile is Now Free

Microsoft Office has become the work tool for most businesses worldwide due to its powerful functionalities and ease of usage. Almost everyone who owns a Windows PC also knows how to use at least one of the Microsoft Office products. That’s why for most of us, without a Microsoft Office on a PC can be really frustrating. We all know about its price tag but no matter how steep the price is, we are all well aware that it’s going to be really useful for our everyday lives, from creating simple documents to doing presentations and school projects, the Office Suite will be there for you. But there’s something missing, you’ve read the title, right?

Just after Microsoft announced their strategic partnership with Dropbox, which will integrate the cloud storage service into Office across all platforms, Microsoft Office for Mobile was announced as a freeware. That means that you do not need to have an Office 360 subscription anymore to open, edit and create Office documents on your mobile phone.

Microsoft Office Mobile is now available free of charge to mobile users. You can easily create, edit and even open cloud documents via mobile. For the first time, no for the second time, you can access and use Microsoft Office for free (Microsoft Office has been available to web browser as a plugin before). But I’m sure that you have a question in your mind that asks “Free?! Are they crazy?” No, they aren’t and no, they will never lose anything with it. Why?

To most of us, this plan of Microsoft to make mobile apps free sounds like a crazy move. However, in Microsoft’s point of view, it’s just a matter of moving their free web apps to mobile. “It’s an extension of the strategy that we’ve got,” explains Microsoft’s head of Office marketing Michael Atalla. “It’s not a total strategic shift, as much of an extension of the existing strategy. We’re taking that same user experience we provide online to the native apps of iOS and Android. We want to make sure that our customers can be productive across all the devices they have.” he added.

Microsoft will still retain most of their earnings because people will surely get hooked with the Office Suite, which might force them to purchase the desktop version. In addition, Dropbox for business and OneDrive for Business users will still require an Office 365 subscription to be able to edit Office Documents stored in them.

“There’s still premium value that we’ll add on top of that,” says Atalla. “There will still be subscription value, most clearly and easily identifiable in the commercial space, but also in the consumer space around advanced authoring, analysis, presentation, and unlimited storage with OneDrive.”

But for home users, this is still a great news and an early Christmas present for us.